Monday, July 19, 2010

(Not so) Floating trip

Kinda amusing that my last post talks about that which doesn't kill you because I tried my darnedest to do it to myself recently. To make a long story short..when floating down the Frio river and hitting rapids:
1. Let go of inner tube next to you if it does indeed pull you under the water and flips you over
2. Instead of worrying about your expensive sunglasses(which you should not have worn in the first place)..head for surface of water
3. Do not try to surface under large group of inner tubers
4. Do not panic and attempt to breathe water
5. Even though you are in the water..floundering like a fish does NOT help
6. Even if your bathing suit bottoms are around your ankles....mouth to mouth is more embarrassing...head to land quickly
7. Help from strangers is always life affirming even if they are first graders
8. A float trip can still be quite enjoyable once you are finished belching up river water

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hollysblog4kaplan said...

Thanks for the good laugh. I really needed it today. I remember my honeymoon. Everything we did caused pain the next day. Tubing was like getting an enema, horseback riding was like sitting on a hippo and having my hips dislocated. Even scuba diving caused sch pain in my jaw from clamping down on the mouth piece, I had to really squish my subway sandwhich to the size of a peanut and butter jelly sandwhich. I could not open my mouth wide enough to eat my lunch. Aren't vacations so relaxing.