Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In the footsteps of Giants

At the risk of alienation like the Dixie Chicks, I have been apologizing for George Bush for a while. I have always brought up the fact that although Texas did introduce our self-proclaimed edumacational president, we did also have Ann Richards and Molly Ivins to make up a little bit for NCLB. Having been born in the age of chanign roles for women, I was impressed early with the idea that Texas Women could kick political butt and serve you a delicious peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream to soften the blow. From my Mama Pat, my spiritual mentor Easter Shaw, political hero Barbara Jordan and continuing along with Ann and Molly, I have been deeply touched by larger than life women and have found grace and inspiration at times of doubt in myself. I hope I can continue the good fight like these women. I know I will treasure my copies of Molly's books and mourn her passing. Her grit will be missed.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Where's my advance?

3:00 in the morning. Have just been woken up by my black lab who fancies himself the keeper of the backyard who must patrol for possums at ungodly hours. For some reason I have grabbed my monthly NEA magazine to keep me company. Am flipping through the pages when I see an article about teachers who blog. Wonder if I read any of these? I am absolutely gobsmacked to see my own delusional writings listed there. I am destined to be known as the teacher who sneaks jellybeans during class. I am secretly tickled at seeing my writing in print but also wishing I sounded a whole lot smarter. In my defense, those are some pretty good jellybeans. Hmmmm, jellybeans.

Bless you

Haven't been blogging much because I am afraid that I have a terrible case of the Whiney-itis. It sometimes masks itself as the easily-cured with chocolate Kvetch-amonia. Both of these are very contagious during TAKS season. Yesterday I was doing my "guerilla-type checking of my mailbox hoping that no one sees me" stroll when my principal pops out of her office and says those dreaded words, " I'd like to speak to you in my office for a moment." Deer, headlights...rabbit, hawk. Good analogy. Now to set up this scenario, you have to know that I spent a good deal of time filling out job applications during the "district called off school/didn't call off school/ 85 % student absentee rate" ice day. I also played a lot of Texas Hold 'em with the 8th graders. Anyway, she sits me down and tells me that she still wants to continue my position next year but wants to expand my duties. Since my duties have never been really outlined and change on a day to day basis, this is a surprise. Not because she wants to give me new duties but because she wants me back period. This a whole new administration this year and I sorta fill that gap between administration and teachers. I am like the caulk of the school. I have done every possible job including mopping, ordering supplies, co-teaching classes, profiling students, coordinating state tests, printing ID badges, copy room attendant, substitute teacher...My point is that I was really thinking I wouldn't be needed next year. That they would all somehow find their groove. I also miss being in the classroom and I told her that. She seemed stunned and asked me why I would want to be back there again. Her response really blew me away. How important does she consider teachers to be and what are her attitudes toward them? Was my principal asking me why I would possibly want to be in the classroom? Until I figure this one out, I am still in phase two of sending out resumes and as the cashier at Chick Fil-A told me yesterday, "God Bless You and Good Luck". Dear school, I think we are going to need it.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Auld Lang Syne

"Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go."-- Brooks Atkinson