Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The I's have it.

I know that I will not die if the air conditioning is still not fixed at school.
I believe I will feel like I'm dying anyway.
I fought to notify all the 8th grade teachers about their incoming 504 students because our incompetent counselors wouldn't.
I am angered by people who work in education but don't seem to like kids.
I love sneaking "Buttered Popcorn" jellybeans out of my desk drawer during class.
I need whiteboards that actually erase.
I take pleasure running into students away from school. No, not running over.
I hear that our new vice principal is possibly less than desirable. I'm trying to be nice here folks.
I drink Earl Grey tea out of a soup mug every morning.
I hate SPIDERS!!!!
I use the same spoon to taste and stir the food I'm cooking. Shhhhhh!
I want a new front door that lets light in the living room. Welcome to my crypt. Way too dark now.
I decided that I need to revisit Harry Wong's First Days of school even though I've been teaching nine years.
I like putting up bulletin boards in my classroom. Am I a freak?
I am considered to be the person most likely to stop at a cemetery. It's a history geek thing.
I feel nervous about the Governor's race here in Texas. Please, anyone but Perry again.
I left Lubbock and you with no regrets.
I do think I am the Goddess of Chocolate Chip Cookies.
I hope that this year is better than last because I really don't want to change schools.
I dream about running like I did when I was a child. The ground wasn't so hard back then.
I drive a car that I love.
I listen to CD's that I've made because Dallas radio sucks.
I type fast because I like the clacky noise from the keyboard.
I think I need a haircut more than four times a year.
I wish I was taller.
I compensate for being short by designating an "Official Tall Student" every year to grab things for me off of the shelves.
I regret not sending my oldest child to a magnet school here in Dallas.
I care about the state of public schools.
I should either buy lots of lint brushes or shave my cats before school starts.
I am not going to be department head this year. Bhahahahahah. Evil laugh!!!!
I wonder how someone who has only taught for three years thinks he/she is qualified to be a principal.
I changed from cable to satellite and am now addicted to recording shows.
I cry the day before my period starts every month like clockwork.
I am proud to be a Texan.
I lose interest when I am being lectured.
I leave unfolded clothes in laundry baskets way too long.
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