Saturday, January 27, 2007

Where's my advance?

3:00 in the morning. Have just been woken up by my black lab who fancies himself the keeper of the backyard who must patrol for possums at ungodly hours. For some reason I have grabbed my monthly NEA magazine to keep me company. Am flipping through the pages when I see an article about teachers who blog. Wonder if I read any of these? I am absolutely gobsmacked to see my own delusional writings listed there. I am destined to be known as the teacher who sneaks jellybeans during class. I am secretly tickled at seeing my writing in print but also wishing I sounded a whole lot smarter. In my defense, those are some pretty good jellybeans. Hmmmm, jellybeans.


Marie said...

Pretty cool, hmmm? Now you will have hundreds of teachers checking out your blog. I've read a few pf your posts and you have a fun writing wonder they put you in the NEA magazine. By the way, I sneak corn chips or cashews from my desk...I love buttered popcorn jelly beans, too and will have to bring those in to sneak. :)

happychyck said...

Have I ever been here before? I can't think of another blogger I read who plays BNL. Very enjoyable. If you could pass some of those jellybeans, that would be lovely. In my pre-teaching days, I worked at a bookstore where we ate that very flavor of jellybean between customers!

Did you happen to see how I'll forever be remembered? Yea, as someone who is disgruntled about growing up. Very childish for a 30-something professional, aye?

I'm pleased as punch, too and had to e-mail my mother.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I'm glad to be in your company in NEA Today's "The Many Moods of Teacher Blogs." Congratulations!

Here's the URL, in case you don't have it already: