Saturday, March 03, 2007

Micky Mouse Sweatshirt-to hire or not to hire?

Went to a mass job interview session sponsored through the district. I was actually sent there to hire people for our school. Here are my observations of some of those poor people wandering in the high school gym.
1. Don't gel your hair into a Mohawk.
2. Please don't keep your Bluetooth attached to your ear. With the Mohawk and ear piece, you look like something from Star Trek.
3. Please don't sit sideways and avoid eye contact. We really do want to hear about you.
4. Please don't say that you want to be friends with your students when we ask how you would handle classroom management.
5. On the other hand, don't tell us that your students should be scared of you either.
6. Loved to see you come alive when talking about your students. That's what's it's all about, baby!
7. Don't make personal comments about the interviewers while standing in line. I am a teacher and a mommy. I've got freaky hearing and I think my hair is looking a bit too orange also. Thank you.
8. Don't stare at my boobs. Find some other place to look if you don't like eye contact.
9. Speaking of boobs, please wear a shirt under the two button jacket.
10. Please bring an updated resume. If your numbers are wrong, we can't call ya back.
11. Wow! Some of the resumes were technological marvels. Please bring one. It helps us to remember you better.
12. I understand the word cattle call better now. Thank you for being patient with us. I know that it was way too hot and the boys gym was beginning to smell like a stable. We really did enjoy talking with ya'll. You certainly prepared me for my own job interviews.

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