Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday's 13 reasons why I feel old today

1. Not having my Mama Pat to talk to anymore.
2. My daughter is taller than me.
3. I really enjoy sitting around at night watching TV.
4. Star Trek the Next Generation is 20 years old.
5. I am excited by the idea of spending my income tax return money on a new mattress.
6. I am not spending my income tax return money on a cool vacation.
7. I got excited about walking up the stairs at school and not panting at the top.
8. That I feel the need to have an elevator key at school.
9. I can't go to Edgefest to see the Killers because my son and his friends will be there.
10. I can't stand most music playing on the radio.
11. No one knows my name anymore. I am Mom or Ms. 100 Farmers.
12. All the clothes that are now really comfortable have elastic in them.
13. My Dad's beard is white and I'm begining to look like my mother.

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