Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things I Should Have Learned by Now

1. Do not grab the cookie sheet above the oven vent with bare hands.
2. You cannot put off copying a class set until the last minute because it will cause every copy machines to break all at once.
3. The BS lesson you throw together for Monday morning will cause the curriculum director to miraculous visit your room.
4. Your overhead light bulb will burn out in the middle of an important interactive lesson.
5. Check the pockets of all clothes going into the washer. I found four pens in the last load: after washing but luckily before drying.
6. You will run into someone you know when you run down to get a paper with bedhead and no bra.
7. Your most challenging(worst)kid will usually rise to the occasion with defiance, snoring, desk malfunction or profanity during said curriculum director's five minute visit.
8. Do not leave the remote for any electronic device out in your room(interpret this as in reach of students).
9. Your classroom will be steaming the day you wear a sweater and freezing the day you wear a light dress with short sleeves.
10. Your students will always complain that it is too hot/too cold/too hard/boring even when things are perfect.


Smithie said...

Yes! All true to the bone! Except that I can't really relate on the no bra or the dress thing...

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I resonate most with Number 10. Darn kids! :-)