Friday, October 26, 2007

And they call it the moooon

Did anyone see the gorgeous moon in the sky this morning? The air was a lovely crisp and the moon seemed so close that there seemed to be a clarity everywhere. I love Autumn. I should probably live somewhere where there really are trees whose leaves change color and then fall to the ground. Around here, we should change the season's name to Dump. One day the leaves are green, a strong wind comes and blows everything around and the next day, there are a bunch of leaves seemingly dumped in the corner of my yard. But today, with this weather, you can call it Nirvana. My mood couldn't even be fazed by Miss Skippy June's pronouncement that Ms. 100 Farmers was indeed a B*&$%. Now Miss Skippy June has only managed to make my class four times since school started so we're not as emotionally vested as she thinks we are. I know she certainly didn't get the response she was looking for. After her declaration that I was closely related to the female canine family, I casually asked her if she had been talking to my sister again. It may not have been the ultimate professional teacher response but I unintentionally scored some serious street cred with my 7th period. The funniest part was watching her trying to flounce to her seat in a room that has been rearranged four times since she last showed up. Yeah, yeah, I wrote her up and la la la, the wheels of my administration run a whole lot smoother than my previous district's so Miss Skippy June will probably be looking at the moon from a new school next month. I hope the moon shines some clarity on her then. In the meantime, this B@#$% too busy gettin' her edumacation on to let those haters get her down. Word.

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Simply Sublime said...

Word 100 Farmers! Great post. Great response to the "name calling"! Very quick.