Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thirteen Happy Sounds

I am stealing this idea from

1. The "Quack!" made by my black lab's favorite play toy.
2. "Miss 100 Farmers!" that I hear screamed across a store when I am spied by a former student.
3. The "gallump, gallump" noise made by cats chasing each other down the hallway.
4. Mockingbirds calling to each other in the morning. One of the reasons I love Texas.
5. My favorite ringtone playing on my cellphone.
6. The sounds you don't hear when the little farmers have finally gone to sleep.
7. Wind blowing through the cottonwoods.
8. Stomping down a sidewalk full of acorns
9. The lovely crunching you make from perfectly running over an aluminum can in your car.
10. Mixing anything with my Kitchen Aide
11. That final bell on the last day of school before a break.
12. The church bells you can hear from my grandmother's backyard.
13. The radio announcing my district's name during bad weather school closings.

1 comment:

teachergirl said...

Final bell before breaks and snow day announcements - very, very happy sounds, indeed!!!