Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday's 13 things I've found in my laundry this week

1. A candy cane missing the red stripe
2. Pink socks formerly known as white socks
3. A one dollar bill
4. A ten dollar bill(SCORE!)-What I find in the laundry I get to claim as a morale boosting tip
5. Two very soggy Texas scratch-offs I had gotten in Christmas cards-(SCORE! again) I won $5
6. One of the cat's play toys, formerly covered in rabbit fur, now scalped
7. Rabbit fur encrusted jeans
8. I found OUT that just because the label says I can wash my new kitchen mats that I should not.
9. Handfuls after handfuls of brightly colored wads of yarn(formerly known as my kitchen rugs)
10. Three Eskimo Joe's cups-this comes from having a washing machine next to your kitchen sink-they are very clean now but smell like Downy.
11. I'm not sure but the little pink specks all over the clothes smelled like Bubble Tape
12. An empty Bubble Tape package
13. I found OUT that it is possible to nearly pass out from hanging upside down inside your washing machine while scraping gum off the inside of it.

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