Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Four Things Meme

I am only doing this because I respect Ms. Cornelius so much. I am at lovely TCU in Fort Worth this week enjoying an AP Teacher Institute. They are certainly taking care of us and I am in a class with some really dynamic teachers. Woo Hoo!
Four Things
Four Jobs I've Had:
Short-order Cook
YWCA Counselor
Christmas Gift Wrapper
Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
Sixteen Candles
Bridget Jones's Diary
Arsenic & Old Lace
Wizard of Oz
Four Musicians or Groups I'm Obsessing About Right Now:
Blue October
Blind Boys of Alabama
Death Cab for Cutie
Sufjan Stevens
Four TV Shows I Love:
Star Trek-prefer Next Generation
Doctor Who
Addams Family
Four Places I've Vacationed:
Four Corners
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Balmorrhea(West Texas)
Four of My Favorite Dishes:
Kheer-Ok, I know it's technically dessert but I love it.
Tom Kha Gai-this is a Thai chicken coconut milk soup that I could literally swim in.
Chili Rellenos
Charcoal Pork Salad over Vermicelli
Four Sites I Visit Daily:
Ms. Cornelius
Texas Teacher Chatboard
Education in Texas
The Education Wonks
Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
Balmorrhea, Texas
Edinburgh, Scotland
Rhine Valley, Germany
In a perfectly cleaned house
Four People I am Tagging:
Mike in Texas
Mister Teacher
Educator on the Edge
California Teacher Guy


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Thanks (I think) for the tag. Mine are up. Drop by and take a peek.

On the Edge said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll get on it right away.

Ms. Longhorn LOVES Math! said...

OOH I did AP Summer Institute last year at UTD... I just hope you don't have Lena as your instructor. Yikes.