Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Keanu Sausage

I am posting this happy little video to counteract the blazing annoyance I felt at the person who posted this little comment on DallasISD.Com .

"Oh, and there are plenty of GREAT teachers in DISD. For those who choose the suburbs, they aren't better. In fact, they are weaker, because they choose an easier classroom. Maybe THEY are the ones in it only for a paycheck? In DISD, by God, you earn your pay."

After months of internal strife and gnashing of teeth, I thought I had come to terms with my decision to leave. This however brought back flashbacks. The truth is that I do feel guilty about leaving. But to assume that I won't earn my pay makes my blood boil. So I am thinking happy Keanu thoughts now as I start planning for next year. BTW-they are happy Keanu dreams circa Something's Gotta Give not Bill and Ted's.

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