Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No words

Pappy has ripped out his IV and refuses to let anyone into the hospital room. My Aunt and Grandmother have been peeking around the curtain in his room to monitor him. My Dad went to work for a while today but is back up to the hospital to make plans for Hospice. No one seems to know exactly what this entails. When my mother's mom died, hospice care was provided for her at my Aunt's house. It was very comforting to her to be somewhere familiar. The last day of her life was extremely traumatic for everyone though because she was very delusional and kept screaming for help. The hospice nurse had been called but did not show up until several hours before my grandmother died. The care she gave to my grandmother and to us was superb once she got there but I really think we were in way over our heads. My grandfather is allergic to most pain medicines even if they could get him to take anything and I am afraid that he is in pain right now. I feel so lost right now. I don't know how to help my Dad or grandmother.

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ms. whatsit said...

Oh dear! You are really having a rough time watching them suffer. My prayers go out to your family and your Pappy.