Friday, November 16, 2007

Run away, run away!!!!

My mentor told me yesterday that I should start early looking for another job because I really should get out of our school. He said that he can't put up with it anymore. Great. I was really just hoping to borrow some Atlases. Good motivational speech there. As if I hadn't figured that out from the first two weeks of school. To top it off, one of the attendance ladies called me during my last class to yell at me because I suggested in an ARD review that her daughter was having trouble adjusting to high school. This is the same lady who writes excuse passes so her daughter shows up late to my room all the time. How do I handle this one? Want to email my principal but really just feel like running away to hide in a cave for a while.


Mike in Texas said...

As sad as it sounds, that might be very good advice to follow, assuming your mentor is competent.

ms. whatsit said...

What is it that he can't "put up with anymore"? Helping you figure out how to deal with the problems thrown upon you? Adults in your building who are sabotaging your classroom management? Some mentor that is.