Monday, February 12, 2007

Ahoy matey

There is a brand spanking new middle school opening here next school year. Applications are now posted on the district website. The kicker is at that they are asking for a written recommendation from your current principal. Besides the fact that it is only February(which is still kinda early for transfer fever), you are only transferring within the district. You are not moving to another town. It also puts you in the spotlight. You are giving away your strategic position. You are announcing to your principal that you are fleeing the ship. That you have seen the iceberg and are already getting ready to launch the lifeboats. While some might say it is a courtesy to let your principal know of your intentions, it has just been my experience that they just don't take it well. Edumacational egos are very fragile and especially so for new principals. You also never know when you're going to have to work with that former principal again. I think that we may have hit the iceberg before Christmas break however. You can feel the ship starting to break in half. Do you think the captain has figured it out and will let us leave yet? We don't even hit the TAKS water until next week. Thar' be rough waters ahead mateys.

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