Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Homeboys-Reason #2

1. Do these kids really think I am going to chase them around and around the portables just so I can bring in another disgruntled teenager for skipping? Maybe if there was a candy bar bounty for each one. Seriously dudes, I do the metal detector everyday. You can run but I recognize your faces. Pulling up your hood to disguise yourself? Give me a break. You wear the same green hoodie with "Mexico" emblazoned upon it everyday. Oh and BTW-your friends ratted you out ten minutes ago.
2. You're three inches shorter than my 5 foot 3 inch frame but act like Mini-Me Mike Tysons. You are very busy being BAD. You also cry when your mother gets upset at your parent conferences and carry your little brothers and sisters around very tenderly. I get the macho nod when your friends aren't around.
P.S. : I like you too.

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