Saturday, June 16, 2007

And now for the other side of the story.....

Things that make me proud to be a teacher......
1. The 7th grade TX History teacher that prepares the most exciting lesson plans for her kids and makes those classes ROCK. Did I mention the radiation, chemotherapy and shunt in her chest these past three years? This woman is one of the strongest persons that I know.
2. The Science classes building and then shooting rockets over the building. I think we may have freaked out some people in the neighborhood but we got some kids back into school with this.
3. Okay, I am a nerd but I loved the Comic Book and Gamers Club. I can say with pride that I rule Wii Golf and that Wolverine is the best X-Men. BTW-they incorporated reading, math and technology into these after school clubs.
4. The technology teacher who goes out of her way to get us the best technology for our classes. She also has a gentle way of getting our worst Luddites to use technology better in their classrooms.
5. The principal who greets those kids at the curb everyday, frequently pops his head in the classroom door just to say hello to you and "his Kids", walks that school constantly, seems to know every kid and delivers your paycheck to you with a candy bar.
6. The teacher who has the most amazing gift for involving even her most special of special ed students in all classroom activities. This woman goes beyond accommodating in a way that lifts her entire class up.
7. The counselor who mentors students and teachers. The kids love her because she is always available for even just a chat or a hug, but also because she is sensible and really expects the best from them. That's why we teachers love her too.
8. The collaboration that goes on with my team. When those kids begin to realize that all we ever do is talk about them, they seem so bemused. I also think they really like the idea that we've got their back.
9. That teacher whose class is hard, that doesn't take late work, who makes you redo an assignment when it isn't up to her standard, whose room is so so organized for learning that the kids can't wait for the next assignment or project. The students may complain about the rigor but they kvetch with pride in what they've learned and can do.
10. The kids. I love saying that I teach kids. I am proud to be a teacher.

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Very well stated.