Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Whine

My Top Ten List of Things that Should Never Happen at a School
1. A teacher selling the snacks and water designated for testing days.
2. A teacher taking her 7th period Social Studies class to gym every day for 12 weeks because the class is out of control and she can't handle it.
3. A teacher discussing her new boyfriend with her classes. What's so bad about this? The new boyfriend is the roommate who has been living with her and her husband.
4. A principal announcing to a group of fellow principals that the only white kids that go to her school are white trash.
5. Money for new student restrooms being diverted to replace carpet, tile and paint in the front office. Oh, Did I forget the new office furniture?
6. A teacher who sends her AVID classes to the library everyday while she prepares state AYP paperwork for the principal.
7. A teacher who stole a printer from one teacher, pens from another, personal stationary from another............
8. A teacher selling spray paint to junior high students. I don't know what is worse: the fact that he sold a state controlled item to students or that he pocketed the money and never actually delivered the paint.
9. Failing to provide essential 504 accommodations or SPED testing because your SST doesn't meet.
10. Keeping this person principal for four years.

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Mike in Texas said...

Man, and I thought my school was bad!