Sunday, June 24, 2007

No more bellini's after dinner dream

Dreamed that I ran into my friend "Don" at the grocery store. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and army pants a la Trapper John from "Mash" style. Anyway, what is strange about this dream is that "Don" has been dead about 18 years. He fell off a mountain while on a weekend pass in Germany while serving in the Marines. That really has nothing to do with the dream but is an interesting aside. Anyway, "Don" was telling me how happy he was and that he was teaching at this really great school for disadvantaged boys. He insisted that I had to come teach there with him. So, in the contractual no-man's land that I am in right now, I go. Who is his co-teacher in this wonderful new school? By Gosh, it's my principal from this past year. Boy, are they teaching and they're helping the youth and they're happy and for some other strange reason, their students include all boys that I have taught the past 10 years. Some from my first year of teaching, some from last year, different schools but all at the age that I taught them. Poor kids, some of them have been magically transformed from 25 to 15 years old again. Ooh, puberty times two. Sorry guys. So, I jump in and we're teaching and so proud of ourselves for what we're doing to help these poor youth and the impact that we're having. Remember, it's a dream. Then I woke up. What the hey? Why am I dreaming of someone permanently stuck in my mind as a 22 year old Marine? Why am I dreaming of my principal? Why have I doomed my former students to another gawky go at acne? Is this a guilty dream for going to the suburbs? Who knew that peach schnapps activated your dream conscience? Who knew that I have a thing for Alan Alda?

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